FAQs About Lignetics Wood Pellets and Fire Logs

Q. Are wood pellets really an environmentally friendly source of heat?
A. Yes. Wood pellet fuel is a carbon neutral heating source. Wood pellets are the cleanest burning solid biomass fuel available. If every household converted to wood pellet fuel (or an equivalent renewable source) for heating, the total carbon emissions of the United States would drop by more than 8%. (Data taken from Dr. Jerry Whitfield’s seminar “Reduction in Greenhouse Gases Using Biomass Pellets for Residential Space Heating,” 6/3/98).

Q. I’ve heard wood pellet heat is more reliable and stable than gas and electric heat. Is this true?
A. Absolutely. Wood pellet heat has maintained a steady price over time, compared to other heating sources. Wood pellets are produced domestically from recycled, renewable biomass. This means that a readily available supply exists and will continue to be available in the United States. By using wood pellet heat, you are not only ensuring a stable heating source, you are helping to stimulate the American economy. Lignetics wood pellet manufacturing facilities employ hundreds of people and helps support other domestic industries such as shipping, distributing, etc.

Q. Why should I buy Lignetics premium wood pellets when other wood pellets are available at a lower cost?
A. Lignetics premium wood pellets may cost more per ton to buy initially, but they also produce more heat per ton than other lower cost wood pellets. This means you can burn fewer Lignetics premium wood pellets than lower cost wood pellets to achieve the same or better heating effect. The benefits here are numerous:
1. Using fewer wood pellets means less handling, hauling, loading and storing.
2. Less biomass burned means fewer emissions released into the atmosphere.
3. Less material burned means less stress on you and your heating system and lower long-term maintenance costs.
4. Fewer wood pellets burned means less clean up.

Q. How is it that Lignetics premium wood pellets produce more heat per ton than other pellets? They’re all made from wood, and wood is wood, right?
A. Yes, wood pellets are all made from wood, but all wood is not the same in terms of heat and ash content, therefore all wood pellets are not the same. Lignetics premium wood pellets are made only from the highest quality, clean, pure sawdust and shavings. Lignetics premium wood pellets are manufactured under a proprietary, patented process that ensures cleaner and more complete combustion, thus yielding more heat per pound.

Q. Why does cleaner combustion matter?
A. In a perfect combustion process, all of the material burned is converted into heat with no ash or gases emitted. But perfect combustion of solid fuel is not possible. However, with wood pellets, gases, pitch, resin, and other combustion by-products, ash is minimal. Lignetics premium wood pellets produce fewer emissions than many other pellets available.

Q. Does a little bit of gas, aerosol and ash really matter?
A. Of course. Not only do these rob you of heat, they cost you additional stove maintenance, and unnecessary environmental pollution. Lignetics premium wood pellets burn cleaner, creating more heat and less contaminates that have adverse effects on your stove and the environment.

Q. I have heard that Lignetics claims to have better quality control than other manufacturers. What does this mean to me and why should I care?
A. Better quality control means more consistency from bag to bag and from ton to ton of wood pellets. You can depend on Lignetics for repeatable performance year after year. With Lignetics, it is easy to calculate your cost savings.