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Americas Best Wood Fuel Pellets

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Our Roots

With two production plants in the heart of Oregon, our Pacific Northwest location gives us access to the best quality softwoods out there.  Our 20-years of production experience and state-of-the-art facilities allow us to lead the way, recycling lumber industry waste into sustainable fuel pellets, while supporting our local economy.  Residing under the Lignetics family of brands, our mission is to serve our local community and deliver the best, most efficient wood pellet fuel on the market.

Our wood fuel pellets are made from 100% Douglas Fir.   This premium softwood yields the most efficient wood pellet possible with 8500 BTU's of heat with the least amount of Ash (less than 2.5%).  Our pellets are pure, and our processing is as green as they come, yielding little to no waste and pure steam emissions.

If you want consistent and dependable heat, don't settle for less than America's Best!


Pellet Fuel Specifications

America's Best Wood Fuel Pellet Specification Chart

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