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BBQ Pellets

 All-Natural, Rich, Bold, Smoky Flavor

Grill Masters Unite - If you’re looking to add a rich, smoky flavor to your food without using anything artificial, our wood pellets will be your secret weapon.  After combining a variety of choice hardwoods, we figured out how to extract the optimal flavor with the perfect blends.  We don’t use any fillers, binders, additives or bark, so our premium all-natural wood pellets deliver a perfect, clean smoke.  We’ve also refined the pellet-making process, creating a solid pellet structure with only 5% moisture. This means our pellets create the perfect smoke to infuse flavor, while leaving little to no ash behind.

So if you’re looking for the big, bold taste of BBQ, all you need is smoke, created by our premium, 100% natural BBQ Wood Pellets.  Simply add wood pellets, chunks or chips to your grill or smoker, and your meal will be taken to a completely new level of delicious.  With an array of flavors engineered to deliver mouth-watering wood fired flavor, your grill-game will be unbeatable.

*Perfect for Pellet Grills, and any other outdoor grill or smoker.

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