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Bear Mountain BBQ

100% Natural, Wood-Fired Flavor


Fire.  Wood.  And All-Natural Ingredients.

Grill a meal they will never forget! Our 100% All Natural Premium BBQ woods are made right here in the USA and precisely blended by dedicated craftsmen to create the perfect balance of flavor across all of our hardwood pellets.   This dedication to quality creates great tasting flavor you can count on for the perfect BBQ, time and time again.

Try all our delicious flavors and use with any outdoor grill or smoker to take your meal to the next level of delicious.

So next time you kick back with your favorite beverage and delicious plate of BBQ, toast mother nature for bestowing us with all we need to smoke to perfection.


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Authentic BBQ Flavor, Thanks to Nature 

Today, we’ve got a full range of grilling and smoking pellets that pair perfectly with a wide variety of different foods.  Zero additives and no bark — just pure, kiln dried hardwood for mouthwatering flavor. Hickory that adds richness to steaks. Apple to bring out the sweetness in salmon. Cherry for taking chicken beyond delicious.   

About Us - Our Expertise

We've been a leader in the wood pellet industry for 30+ years.  Throughout our time producing the highest quality wood pellets,  we began crafting hardwood blends that advanced our grilling and smoking expertise to a whole new level.  We knew we were onto something - deliciously tender meats, veggies and cheeses infused with a whole lot of rich smoky flavor. 

Rooted in Oregon, we don’t just care deeply about the way our grilled food tastes, we also care a whole lot about the forests.  Our pellets are derived from forest residuals, we don’t cut down fresh trees, and choice hardwoods that are precisely blended to create the most captivating flavors that only the earth can create.

So now that you know our story, we invite you to try our premium BBQ woods the next time you fire up your grill. We’re pretty sure you’ll experience an authentic, delicious BBQ flavor that will keep everyone coming back for more!

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