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Easy To Use, Clean Burning Compressed Wood

Compressed wood fire logs and bricks are a form of heating fuel that can be used in any wood burning stove, chiminea or fireplace.  Created from pure sawdust obtained as a lumber industry byproduct, the wood fiber is kiln-dried and compressed to burn more cleanly and efficiently then cordwood, leaving very little ash.

Uniform in size, density, and moisture level, compressed bricks and logs ensure a dependable amount of heat throughout the burning process.  

Intense Heat Output

Kiln-dried to eliminate moisture before compression, our logs and bricks contain 9% or less moisture content (vs. 20% for air dried cordwood) which translates to more efficient heat production.  

Clean Burning
Made from 100% clean, renewable wood; bricks and fire logs emit 92% less particles into the air.   They also don't contain any bark, dirt or insects; ensuring a clean burn and clean transition from the garage to the living room wood stove.

Easy to Use
Packaged in small bundles that stack and store efficiently; you no longer need to  cut, split or season as you would with cordwood.  Just remove the wrapper and enjoy the heat.  Our logs and bricks are available in various sizes so you can choose the size and shape that works best for you.

Better for the Environment
Heating your home with compressed wood dramatically reduces your carbon footprint and fossil fuel dependency.  Our bricks and logs are made from 100% recycled wood (with no binders or additives) from the lumber industry, so they are sustainable and free of harmful chemicals.  

Tips for using bricks and fire logs

Fire logs and bricks burn incredibly hot, therefore it is important to not overload your stove.  Start with two bricks or logs, and add as necessary. You can also use our compressed bricks and logs in conjunction with cord wood.

When you choose Compressed Wood Fuel you're heating with one of the hottest burning, lowest-moisture and cleanest compressed wood products available - A high value for your heating dollar.

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