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All-Natural & Hassle-Free 

A good fire starter will save you time, effort, and deliver heat quickly and efficiently.  Perfected over time, our Fire Starters offer a biodegradable and clean-burning solution that's guaranteed to get your fire going with just one match!

Fire Starter Discs

Made from hot-burning Western Red Cedar that is dried, wax-coated and pressed, these discs are made for quick-starting your pellet stove, wood stove, BBQ or campfire.  Each disc burns for up to 25 minutes, making it ideal to use in all weather conditions.

Fire Starter Gel

Start your fires quickly and easily with our all-natural, alcohol-based Fire Starter Gel. This biodegradable, clean burning gel is ideal for starting fires in your pellet and wood stove, or take it with you to your next BBQ or campfire.  The thick gel stays where you put it and lights up, and stays lit long enough to establish a solid fire. 

Wood Fire Starter Shavings

Wax-coated and kiln-dried for long-lasting heat-efficiency, our red cedar fire starter shavings are easy to use, burn hot, and last until your fire is roaring.  Packaged loose in a resealable bag, you can use as much or as little as you need depending on the weather conditions or moisture content of your primary wood source.  Ideal for lighting wood fuel pellets, BBQ Pellets, fire logs, bricks, or campfires, you'll never need more then one match!

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