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Realizing sawdust’s green potential

We’re a family of brands dedicated to producing high quality, 100% natural products that turn wood waste into a range of premium eco-friendly consumer products. 

Our commitment to creating premium-grade wood products is central to everything we do.  As a family of brands we own and operate 13 mills across the country that turn wood waste into clean, green products.  Our eco-friendly offering includes premium wood pellets, densified logs and bricks, and fire starters for super-efficient heating. 100% all natural hardwood BBQ pellets that naturally seal in perfect wood-fired flavor.  And highly-absorbent animal bedding that ensures warmth and comfort.  We’re dedicated to making the best performing and most trusted natural wood products in America, and welcome you to experience the Lignetics Brands difference.

Lignetics is the largest residential wood pellet manufacturing company in the U.S. which now has a production capacity of over 1,000,000 tons of wood pellets per year.  We are the only pellet manufacturing company that has wood pellet manufacturing plants on both the East Coast and the West Coast as well as the Mid-West with locations in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New York, Maine,  West Virginia, Virginia, Wisconsin, Oregon and Idaho.


Our Mission

Lignetics Group


Inspire warm, clean, flavorful living by turning clean wood waste into environmentally friendly products of the highest quality.


For a closer look at our history and family of brands, access a digital version of the Lignetics Group Corporate book here.



Our Products

Upcycling the Earth’s wood

As industry pioneers for over 30 years, we’ve always been driven to put the environment first. Our 100% sustainable wood products are made from pressed sawdust sourced from mills across the United States.  We hand select the best, most efficient hard and softwoods to naturally produce a range of heating, cooking and bedding products that are manufactured to exceed industry standards.  From higher heat ratings to longer lasting burns, our commitment to quality is paramount. 


Our Commitment to Sustainability

Respecting process and people

We don’t believe in taking shortcuts.  From our products to the way we manufacture to where we work, every aspect of our process is thoughtfully approached with sustainability in mind.  You’ll only find 100% natural wood shavings and sawdust with no fillers in everything we make.  And we have 13 mills across the country in order to reduce the impact of transporting goods — and just as importantly creating jobs for local economies.

To learn more about our sustainable pellets click here.


Our Roots

Rethinking heat as we know it

Over thirty years ago, pellet stoves were developed as an eco-friendly, cost-efficient alternative to traditional heating sources. Good thing for us.  That’s where the inspiration to create sustainable products began.  And it’s ignited our passion ever since.

While sawmills that primed lumber saw useless mounds of wood shavings and waste, we envisioned a whole new way to heat homes across America.  That’s why we began creating high-quality wood pellets that burn hot and clean.  Thankfully, the idea caught on with customers too.  Now that our family of brands has expanded, we employ over 350 people in 13 different mills and our products are sold at over 3,000 retailers across the U.S.  While we may be bigger, we still remain focused on doing better for the earth. 

Next time you’re enjoying a cozy night beside the crackling fire, a delicious meal or watching one of your animals rest comfortably, think about all the good you’re doing. 


Thank you for making Lignetics Brands a part of your environmentally conscious living choice.

Lignetics All-Natural Wood Pellet Fuel - Our Team