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Pres-to-Logs Premium Wood Pellets and Fire Logs

Premium, All-Natural Recycled Wood Fire Logs & Pellets

Enjoy the ambiance of burning logs without the mess and hassle of cordwood.  Our compressed wood logs and pellets are easy to use, sustainable, long-lasting, and produce an intense heat that you can rely on.

Environmentally friendly

Not one tree was cut down to make our Pres-to-Logs® fire logs, bricks or pellets.  Manufactured from 100% recycled, natural biomass material acquired from the lumbar industry, the production of our wood products dramatically reduces the amount of sawdust waste sent to landfills.  They also burn 80% cleaner than cordwood, releasing virtually no emissions into the air.  

More value less waste

Since Pres-to-Logs premium fire logs, bricks and pellets produce a hotter, more efficient and cleaner fire than cord wood, you will burn less overall biomass to heat your home.  Each Pres-to-Log can can burn up to 3 hours, depending on the burning environment, which means less trips to the stove to maintain heat consistency.

The Clean Alternative

Pres-to-Logs fire logs, bricks and pellets are clean, uniform in size, and burn consistency.  You don't have to worry about the hassle of hauling wood into your home and bringing in the bugs, bark or dirt along with it.  Our compressed wood fire logs can be stored in your home with little to no mess reducing your “trips to the woodpile.”  Pres-to-Logs wood products also produce less than 1% ash which makes clean up quick and easy. 

Pellet Fuel Properties

Pres-to-logs fuel specifications

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