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Warm Front Wood Fuel Pellets

Warm Front Wood Pellet Fuel

High-Quality, Premium Wood Pellets Made In the heart of New England

Our Roots

Warm Front Wood Pellets are produced by Lignetics, the leading pellet manufacturer in the United States.  Based out of New Hampshire and New York, Warm Front wood pellets are made with a great deal of pride in quality and craftsmanship.  

Our stringent quality standards apply to every pellet in every bag and exceed all industry(PFI) performance standards.  While our primary goal his to constantly improve upon and evolve our premium wood pellets, we also take great pride in the process through which that goal is obtained. 

Our Commitment to Quality 

Our Passion for Pellet Perfection.

It all starts with the raw materials.  We proudly source our sawdust from local mills and put it through a filtering process to ensure only the purest raw materials are used. 

The raw material is kiln-dried, eliminating 97% of the moisture in the wood, and then pressed under extreme heat to extract a natural bonding agent.  The result is a dry, compacted, all-natural wood pellet that will burn hot, for a long period of time, and leave little to no ash.

Our tried and true blend is 90% Hardwoods and 10% Softwoods all regionally sourced close to our Northeastern Plants.


Our Commitment to Our Community

We like to keep things close to home.  From our raw material sourcing, to manufacturing and delivery, we are proud to hire local community members and foster regional growth and prosperity.  Plus, this way of life makes our world a little greener and our carbon footprint a little smaller.


Pellet Fuel Specifications

Warm Front Pellet Fuel Specifications

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