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Environmentally Friendly

Wood pellet fuel is manufactured from 100% natural biomass material. No chemicals or bonding agents are used in the production of wood pellets. This means a cleaner burn and less harmful emissions released into the atmosphere.

Wood Pellet Efficiency – Less Is More

  • Wood pellets burn at a much hotter temperature than cord wood
  • Wood pellets are very efficient, creating very low emmissions.
  • Less material burnt for heat.
  • Lower overall costs
  • Less stress on your heating system which helps prolong the life of your equipment.
  • Little to no creosote build up reducing the maintenance of your venting system and the possibility of dangerous chimney fires.

Wood Pellet Fuel Is a Domestic Renewable Energy Source

Wood pellets are manufactured in the United States using renewable, recycled biomass produced in the United States. The source of wood pellets is renewable each year, creating a stable heating source.

Wood Pellets Are Easy and Clean

Wood pellets eliminate bugs, bark and other items nobody likes coming into the house. Wood pellets come in easy-to-carry, forty-pound bags.

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