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Bear Mountain® Small Fire Bricks 9-Pack

Bear Bricks® are 100% natural wood, made from renewable forest materials such as sawdust and shavings from lumber mills.  There are no binders, waxes or additives, creating a clean, virtually smoke-free burn.  The bricks are dried and compacted under very high pressure to contain less than half the amount of moisture inherent in cordwood, resulting in a hotter, cleaner, longer-lasting fire.  Sized perfectly for home wood stoves or campfires, the bricks are quick and easy to light and burn nice and evenly.

For best performance, stack 4-6 bricks closely, atop a hot base in your wood stove.  Once they start burning, turn the airflow down as low as possible and leave them to smolder and release heat for hours.

Product Features:

100% natural wood - no binders, waxes or additives - for a clean and environmentally friendly burn

Ideal for wood stoves, fireplaces or campfires

Safe for roasting marshmallows and cooking your favorite campfire foods

High-Performance - 8,200 BTU/lb

Burn Time: Approx 4-5 hours in a closely stacked bundle in a wood stove  

Produces less than 0.5% ash

Made in the USA from 100% locally-sourced natural biomass

Product dimensions:

Each Brick: 6" (L) x 2.5" (W) x 3.25" (H)

Case of 9 Bricks: 6" (L) x 7.5" (W) x 10" (H)

Package Weight: 14lbs

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