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Lignetics® Fire Starter Flakes

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Lignetics® Fire Starter Flakes are made from hot-burning Western Red Cedar that is dried and then wax coated for quick-starting your pellet stove, wood stove, BBQ or campfire. The 16 oz. resealable bag makes it easy for you to use just what you need now and save the rest for your next fire.

Our Fire Starter Shavings’ bag is even recyclable, so nothing is wasted.

Product Features:

Quickly light your wood or pellet stove, fireplace, campfire or stove with one match

Made from 100% natural wood shavings and coated with wax for a long-lasting fire

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Made in the USA, Manufactured in Oregon

Product dimensions: 12" (L) x 3" (W) x 7" (H)

16 oz. bag

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