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Bear Mountain BBQ® Mesquite BBQ Pellets



Cooking with wood is a time-honored tradition that makes food more flavorful and tender.  Whether you’re grilling or cooking with your smoker, our 100% natural Mesquite BBQ pellets enhances red and dark meats with a deep, earthy flavor that will make your meal memorable.  All of our flavor pellets have zero additives or binders for a clean, all natural grilling experience. 

Best For:

Red and dark meats however Mesquite can also compliment poultry.

Product Features:

Natural Mesquite flavor

100% natural pellets for use with all outdoor gas, charcoal or pellet grills and smokers

20 lb bag - Contains only 100% Premium, natural hardwood - no binders, fillers or additives

Ultra-low moisture content

Product dimensions: 14" (L) x 4" (W) x 20" (H)

Made in the USA, Shipped from Oregon

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