Catalyst Pet donates three thousand pounds of litter to three rescue partners after CatCon worldwide.

Louisville, CO –October 17, 2022– In celebration of CatCon Worldwide, Catalyst Pet is donating three thousand pounds of litter to three of their rescue partners. Chalky’s Cat Crusade, Milo’s Sanctuary, and Stray Cat Alliance were highlighted by Catalyst Pet at CatCon in a friendly competition where attendees could vote on their favorite shelter. The sustainable litter company stated they would give the winner of the competition one thousand pounds of litter but surprised attendees at the end of the weekend by announcing they would give the winning amount to each of them.

“When it comes to taking care of cats in our communities, everyone should win,” says Jonah Levine, Catalyst Pet’s product manager. “We put on a friendly competition to educate attendees about three of our nonprofit partners, but there’s no way we could’ve chosen one. They all deserve it. They all need it to keep doing important work.”

Catalyst Pet launched its shelter and rescue program in June 2020 to support organizations and people that rescue, shelter, and trap-neuter-return kittens and cats. Although Catalyst works with several nonprofits, the company chose to represent Stray Cat Alliance and Milo’s Sanctuary at CatCon because they were local to the Los Angeles area. They also selected Chalky’s Cat Crusade, a rescue based in Tampa, which was the company’s first official rescue partner.

From donating litter monthly, raising awareness about the rescues’ efforts through marketing initiatives, to providing discount coupons to new cat and foster parents, Catalyst Pet works with numerous nonprofits across the country to support them in the ways they need. To date, Catalyst Pet has donated more than 60,000 pounds of litter. And Catalyst Pet goes much further, with one pound of litter doing the work of four pounds of clumping clay litter. In fact, a typical cat human saves as much as 30% monthly on litter costs.

The nonprofits Catalyst works with vary in size and location, but each have a strong mission toward keeping cats safe and healthy.

“We believe sustainability is about creating change for good,” says Levine. “It’s about supporting our community and lending a hand wherever we can. That’s why we started this program and are working hard to continue to grow it.”

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