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  • Clean, Renewable Solutions

    We have 30 years of experience innovating eco-friendly essentials for everyday life.

  • Sustainably Heating Our Future

    Encouraging more people to use high-quality green alternatives is our number one goal.

  • Our Products Offer A Renewable Source Of Warmth & Heat

    Wood products made from recycled wood fiber that enhance your lifestyle.

  • Committed to Recycling Wood Waste

    Our family of brands and mills are united in making high-quality renewable wood products.

  • Discover the Power of Wood Pellets

    Renewable fuel that is economical, efficient and good for our environment.

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Lignetics Gold Wood Pellet Fuel

Experience the warmth and efficiency of our Lignetics Gold Wood Fuel Pellets.  

Bear Mountain BBQ Gourmet Blend All-Natural Wood Pellets

Our 100% natural Gourmet Blend BBQ pellets enhance almost any meat, fish or vegetable with a robust, sweet bacon flavor that will make your meal memorable. 

Lignetics Fire Starter Discs

With just one match, our long-lasting, intense burn fire starter discs will get your fire blazing quickly and efficiently. 

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