Innovation Lab

One area of expertise where Lignetics Group is truly a stand-out in the industry is in Research and Development. With a dedicated Innovation Lab at the company's Broomfield, Colorado headquarters, we’re always looking for new ways to improve on our existing products and develop new ones.

The Innovation Lab is the brainchild of our Director of Innovation Frank Kvietok. With a career in product design and consulting, Kvietok developed the ideal skill set for taking on the creative problem-solving, innovation, and experimentation that comes with pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with wood residuals. 

After obtaining his undergraduate degree at Cornell University and completing his Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry at The Ohio State University, he worked as a Product Designer, Technologist, and Consultant with several companies, including Procter & Gamble, Orange Glo International, and American Recreation Products (ARP).

Alongside this work, he started his own consulting business, and one of his clients happened to be the Lignetics Group. When Brett Jordan became CEO of Lignetics, he approached Kvietok about putting together a collection of higher-value products that could be developed from our company’s vast access to wood residuals. 

Soon after, Kvietok was brought on full-time as the inaugural member of our new Product Development Department—now known as the Innovation Lab.

In his role, Kvietok works with product and brand managers, the operations team, and a steady stream of enthusiastic interns. His team is always working three to five years ahead on new products and ideas, while diving into near-term opportunities for the brands under the company’s umbrella. 

Kvietok strongly believes in a collaborative “open innovation” approach. His team uses their collective knowledge and also collaborates with outside suppliers, universities, and other labs, which has led to beneficial partnerships and even funding from government grants. The team’s hard work and ingenuity has resulted in the creation of several new products across our consumer brands.

Thanks to Kvietok and his team, the sky's the limit for what we as a company can achieve today, tomorrow and beyond.

Lab Developments