A company is a sum of its parts. At Lignetics Group, each component of our company has a distinctive story that contributes to our overall success, as well as the success of the sustainable products we offer our customers every day.

The Original Plant

Our northernmost plant is located alongside Lake Pend Oreille, the largest lake in Idaho, and close to commercial and residential neighbors. Considered our flagship facility, it employs the greatest number of people in the Lignetics Group. The plant runs 24/7, producing softwood fuel pellets, animal bedding pellets, cedar shavings, heating logs, Pres-to-Logs, and Firestarter disks.

The Original Plant Lignetics of Idaho

The Strategic Expansion Plant

The rural Sand Fork, West Virginia plant is our highest producing facility for BBQ pellets. Similar to our Idaho location, it employs one of the greatest number of employees. This West Virginian plant can produce 126,000 tons of pellets annually. It’s one of our plants with log chipping capability, which uses natural gas instead of wood fiber to fire the burner. Products produced here include hardwood heating fuel pellets, BBQ pellets, and industrial absorption pellets.

The Strategic Expansion Plant LIGNETICS OF WEST VIRGINIA

The First Presence in the West

Located in a tranquil setting where Oregon meets Washington state, this plant is also the original home of our Bear Mountain BBQ pellets. It’s one of our two plants that has a wet electrostatic precipitator (a specialized way for minimizing dust) and uses wood fiber and propane in the burner and drying process. Products produced here include hardwood BBQ pellets, softwood fuel pellets, softwood animal bedding pellets, animal bedding shavings, and Bear Bricks.

The First Presence in the West BEAR MOUNTAIN CASCADE LOCKS

The Premium Product Plant

Originally Woodex International’s first North American manufacturing plant, this facility is located near Brownsville, Oregon. It can produce 139,000 tons of pellets annually! Like its sister plant in Cascade Locks, it has a wet electrostatic precipitator and uses natural gas and wood fiber in the burner and drying process. It produces some of the driest heating pellets in our plant system and possibly the United States.


The Historic Plant

Formerly a toothpick mill, our easternmost plant is located in Strong, Maine, near commercial and residential neighbors. The plant can produce 93,000 tons of pellets annually. The products made here include hardwood and softwood fuel pellets, as well as softwood animal bedding pellets. It is the only plant in the system with steam turbines/generators, and the only plant that uses Andritz 32" diameter pellet mills. 


The Marth Companies Origin Plant

The Marathon City, Wisconsin, site is the most complex in our system. It employs one of the greatest number of employees in the actual plant, as well as additional people through Marth Transportation, Inc. The facility can produce up to 57,000 tons of pellets annually, making products like hardwood BBQ pellets, both hardwood and softwood heating pellets, softwood animal bedding pellets, animal bedding shavings, and both hardwood and softwood industrial chips. 

The Marth Companies Origin Plant LIGNETICS OF WISCONSIN

The Wood Flour Plant

Ten miles down the road from the Marth Companies origin plant, this site is outside of Athens, Wisconsin. This is the smallest of our plants, producing about 38,000 tons of wood flour annually. It solely produces hardwood and softwood flour, which can be used in the production of goods such as toilet seats, decking, automotive components, marina products, animal feed, and biopolymers. With this plant, the Lignetics Group's Innovation Lab is doing research and development on other large-scale uses for wood flour.


The Peshtigo Plant 

Located in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, this plant is one of the smallest in terms of square footage, however, it’s one of the most productive plants. The plant processes 8-10 truckloads of dry sawdust each workday and can produce 62,000 tons of pellets per year. This is the only facility in the Lignetics Group system that solely deals with 100% kiln-dried product, producing hardwood fuel pellets.

The Peshtigo Plant  PESHTIGO PELLET

The New Hampshire Plant

This Jaffrey, New Hampshire, plant is our flagship New England Wood Pellet location, which is in the same town as a sister-site facility and corporate office. This plant can produce 119,000 tons of hardwood fuel pellets annually. They work on a 24/7 schedule to meet the high demand for heating pellets. The plant has two separate systems, one for drying green wood fiber and one for processing kiln-dried wood fiber. The two systems then come together ahead of the pellet mill. 


The First New York Plant

This plant is located in rural and quiet Schuyler, New York. It can produce 97,000 tons of pellets annually. Both hardwood and softwood fuel pellets are made here, and it’s one of the few Lignetics sites with a separate kiln-dried delivery system, as well as the only site utilizing the uncommon Bliss Pioneer pellet mills for increased efficiency, ease of use and durability. The location also serves as a convenient home base for several sales reps and HR professionals, who have offices on-site. 


The Second New York Plant

The Deposit, New York, plant is located directly across the street from world-class trout fishing in the West Branch Delaware River. It can produce 107,000 tons of pellets annually on a 24/7 schedule. This is one of our two plants that is equipped to make heating bricks. Additionally, it produces hardwood and softwood fuel pellets, hardwood BBQ pellets, and softwood animal bedding pellets.


The Pennsylvania Plant

The Allegheny plant is actually located in Youngsville, Pennsylvania, close to residential and commercial neighbors and the lush Allegheny National Forest, which are situated in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.The facility can produce 71,000 tons of pellets annually. It’s one of six of our plants that produces hardwood BBQ pellets, and it also makes hardwood heating pellets.


The First Transformed Plant

The Virginia facility is located below the Mason-Dixon Line, on the edge of the town of Kenbridge, Virginia. One of three of our plants with a lake on property, it can produce 110,000 tons of pellets annually. This is the pilot facility for our Catalyst Pet cat litter brand. It also makes hardwood and softwood fuel pellets, as well as softwood EZ-Equine and animal bedding pellets.

The First Transformed Plant LIGNETICS OF VIRGINIA