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Dry Den

Dry Den Premium Animal Bedding

Pelletized Animal Bedding with Zeolites for Healthier Animals

Advanced Animal Comfort 

Founded in Oregon, and supported by parent company, Lignetics Inc., the leading manufacturer of wood pellets, we sought out to create animal bedding that enhanced the overall health of animals.  We proudly introduced Dry Den Pelletized Animal Bedding, and farmers and ranchers now rave about the results


Committed to Animal Health 

When developing Dry Den Animal Bedding, we wanted to create a product that would absorb more moisture, and increase overall animal health by eliminating respiratory illness and hoof infections; two of the leading illnesses that occur within stalled animals.  Zeolites combined with pelletizing the bedding works to solve all these problems.  Zeolites contain a honeycomb structure that naturally absorbs over 70% of it's weight, and works immediately to neutralize ammonia and toxic gasses released by decomposing manure.  Now your animals will be more comfortable in a drier, cleaner, more pure stall.


More Value for your Money

Once you give pellets a try, we promise that you won't ever go back to inferior products.  With pellets, you will spot-clean your stall daily to remove fully soiled pellets.  This takes about 5min/day.  Since you are removing waste only, the bedding will stay cleaner and last longer than alternative methods, resulting in fewer full-stall changes and overall less bedding consumed.  The soiled bedding creates the most pure compost base and begins to decompose immediately.

  • All-Natural and sustainable solution
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Pure and soft for added animal comfort
  • Highly absorbent nature keeps stalls fresh and clean
  • Eliminate respiratory illness and hoof infections
  • Less waste
  • Waste immediately begins to decompose, creating optimal organic compost


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