Bear mountain reveals the secret to gourmet backyard barbecue with its new selection of specialty hardwood pellets for grilling and smoking

New Craft Blends Pair Beautifully with a Range of Foods to Elevate This Season’s Gourmet Grilling

Louisville, CO – March 10, 2020 – Bear Mountain Gourmet BBQ Woods, crafters of hardwood pellets for barbecue with a wood-fired flavor, announces its new barbecue Craft Blends, a collection of 100% natural hardwood blends curated to create wood-fired flavor to truly elevate the grilling experience this season and beyond.

As the pellet BBQ market continues to catch fire this season, so does the demand for BBQ pellets. “Pellet grilling is a game changer for the backyard barbecue,” said Ben Madden, Bear Mountain BBQ product manager. “Consumers love the convenience, simplicity and the amazing wood smoke flavors that cooking with wood pellets offer.”

By adding wood pellets to the grill—gas, charcoal, electric and of course, pellet grills—grill masters can use their own equipment to create the irresistible flavors and aromas that come from hardwood. Guests will enjoy the camaraderie of a backyard barbecue with a meal that brings to mind their favorite BBQ joint.

Bear Mountain’s four newest Craft Blends are now available:

  • Gourmet BBQ Blend™: Use this blend to add a balance of smoky and sweet wood-fired flavor to a range of foods, from beef to fish to vegetables. It’s perfect for just about everything, and will definitely take your favorite rib recipe to a whole new level of delicious.
  • Bold BBQ Blend™: This robust blend creates a smoky, earthy and rich flavor that gives beef, pork and poultry a Texas-style barbecue flavor.
  • Savory BBQ Blend™: This blend offers a smooth smoke flavor that warms the senses and highlights the natural flavor of beef, lamb, pork, poultry and vegetables. It is ideal for an amazing smoked Thanksgiving turkey and all the fixings.
  • Sweet BBQ Blend™: This blend of fruitwoods brings out the sweetness of rubs, marinades and sauces on poultry, pork, seafood and vegetables. Pair it with a brown sugar-based rub and Rufus Teague® Whisky Maple BBQ Sauce for a dish that is both down home and a cut above.

Bear Mountain BBQ uses high quality natural hardwood to add rich, smoky flavor to food without using anything artificial. As with all of Bear Mountain’s pellets, these new Craft Blends are made from 100% premium all-natural hardwoods, with no flavorings, fillings, or additives.

Through extensive testing, the team at Bear Mountain has dialed in the perfect combinations of hardwoods to create the best flavor for different types of grilled meats and vegetables. Stronger hardwoods add richness to steak, medium to mild wood species pair perfectly with chicken or pork, and lighter fruitwoods complement the delicious flavors of seafood.

“Grill masters will enjoy experimenting with these new blends during this year’s grilling season,” says Madden. “Our Craft Blend BBQ pellets empower grillers to create great tasting food, no matter what they’re cooking. Each Craft Blend has a unique smoke flavor profile to inspire cooks to create delicious meats and veggies and share with their friends and family. That’s what we bring to the barbecue.” The kiln-dried pellets are low moisture, so they create the perfect smoke for consistent, optimal flavor and an enjoyable grilling experience. The pellets burn clean with little ash, which reduces how often the ash cup needs to be cleaned.

The new Craft Blends are added to Bear Mountain’s existing wood pellets for grilling:

  • Hickory, to get the robust smoky flavor for that favorite brisket.
  • Apple, for a sweet, mild flavor that works well pork, chicken and vegetables.
  • Mesquite, for a bold, smoky flavor reminiscent of true Texas barbecue.
  • Cherry, for a mild, fruity flavor that complements lamb.
  • Oak, for a smooth, smoky flavor versatile enough for beef, chicken pork, veggies, and even baking cookies.
  • Maple, for a mild, sweet flavor to create the perfect pork belly burnt ends.
  • Pecan, for a rich flavor that’s perfect for beef ribs.
  • Alder, for a delicate, sweet flavor that makes smoked salmon shine.

All varieties come in a 20-pound bag (20” L x 14” W x 4”H) and are available at retailers nationwide and online at Made in the USA.

“We’re committed to doing BBQ wood pellets right,” says Madden. “And by right, we mean using only the best all-natural hardwoods, maintaining a relentless focus on quality, and having an adventurous spirit when crafting flavors to enjoy with friends, family and a cold beer.

About Bear Mountain Gourmet BBQ Woods Since 1990, Bear Mountain Gourmet BBQ Woods has been crafting quality wood pellets for those that are passionate about BBQ. Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, Bear Mountain BBQ has a passion for mouthwatering and wholesome grilled food – and for keeping the earth healthy and whole. The founders brought these two passions together and Bear Mountain Gourmet BBQ Woods was born. Made from 100% all-natural hardwoods, Bear Mountain’s BBQ pellets work with any grill or smoker. For grillers who never tire of exploring their craft, Bear Mountain BBQ offers a full range of grilling and smoking pellets that pair perfectly with a whole lot of incredible foods and boost flavor to crowd-pleasing levels. For more information, visit