Our premium Bear Mountain BBQ brand is a one-stop shop for high quality, all natural, rich wood smoke flavor. Our BBQ pellets, Chips, Chunks, and Smoke ‘Ems™ offer a clean smoke because we craft them using a variety of choice hardwoods and zero fillers, binders, additives, or bark. Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve spent 30 years crafting premium quality wood pellets for those who are passionate about BBQ. Similar to our other Lignetics products, we do this with a priority toward sustainability and innovation. Our 100% sustainable BBQ wood pellets are made from pressed sawdust that’s sourced locally across the country. We hand select the best, most flavorful hardwoods to naturally produce a range of BBQ grilling and smoking flavors that exceed industry standards. We invite you to try our BBQ products the next time you fire up your grill or smoker. They’ll bring your food to a whole new level of deliciousness.