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Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain Premium Wood Fuel Pellets

Performance-Driven Fuel Pellets, Fire Bricks & Fire Starters

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Committed to Performance, Since 1988

At Bear Mountain, we've dedicated the past 30+ years to manufacturing the best and most reliable heating pellets, compressed wood bricks and fire starters.  Our Oregon-based facilities take clean raw materials (waste from the lumber industry that would normally go to the landfill) kiln-dry and process them into wood fuel products that burn hotter, longer and cleaner.  We proudly stand behind our products and our dealers that offer them.


How We Got Started

In 1988, seasoned forester Bob Sourek had a flicker of an idea.  Pellet stoves were just starting to be introduced as an ecological and economical alternative heating source.  Bob envisioned a future in which people would need quality wood-pellet fuel to burn in those stoves; and this, in combination with his concern for the environment, stoked his desire to generate a useful product from the mountains of sawdust and shavings pouring out from the many sawmills within the pristine Columbia River Gorge and Willamette River Valley in Oregon.

Today, Bear Mountain is owned by Lignetics Inc., the leading wood pellet manufacturer in the country, and continues to produce industry leading products in the same mills where it all started.  

Our products are manufactured to the highest level of quality standards in two plants, conveniently located in the Pacific Northwest.  One plant is located in Cascade Locks, Oregon in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge and the second plant is located in Brownsville, Oregon in the Willamette River Valley. 

In addition to Premium Wood Fuel Pellets, we also make Bear Bricks (compressed wood fire logs), fire starters for use in wood burning stoves, fireplaces and campfires, and BBQ Pellets under the name Bear Mountain Premium BBQ Woods


Pellet and Brick Properties

Bear Mountain Pellet Fuel Specifications

Bear Mountain Bear Brick Specifications

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