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Cozy Den

Cozy Den Premium Animal Bedding

Highly Absorbent, Kiln-Dried Premium Animal Bedding

Keeping Stalls Clean and Animals Healthy

Located in Oregon, we specialize in recycling wood remnants from the lumber industry into high-quality animal bedding.  We process pure soft woods like Pine and Cedar into shavings, then kiln-dry them so they are sanitary and extra absorbent.  Our shavings are ideal for horse stalls, but can be used for any animal, big or small, making kennels and cages comfortable for all.   

Dried for Extra Absorbency & Odor Elimination 

Our Cozy Den shavings are kiln-dried to 8-10% moisture content, resulting in a  clean, highly absorbent, light weight, extra fluffy environment for your animals.  Our shavings neutralize urine on contact, keeping your stalls odor-free and clear of any bacteria or insects.  

Double Screened for Extra Comfort

All Cozy Den shavings are double screened to remove any fine sawdust and large chucks, so they really are the most comfortable shavings around.  Animals of all sizes will feel the comfort of a consistent texture of perfectly sized shavings for their stall, kennel or cage.

Easy to Handle

The 3.6 cubic foot bales pick up easily and when opened will fill a typical horse stall with 10+ cubic feet of soft bedding.  The shavings are easy to clean up once soiled and can be composted.

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