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EZ Equine

EZ Equine Animal Bedding

Highly Absorbent, Convenient, All-Natural Animal Bedding

Our Roots:  

EZ Equine was founded in 2014, by parent company Lignetics Inc.   Lignetics has extensive experience in the wood pellet manufacturing industry, and sought to leverage this experience into the animal bedding field, and engineer animal bedding made from pelletized wood fiber.  After a year of research, development and testing they successfully launched the most absorbent, easiest to use, and most sanitary animal bedding available, and branded it EZ Equine. Manufactured from sawdust derived as a by-product of the lumber industry, our pellets are 100% sustainable, and fully compostable.

Leading the Way in Pelletized Animal Bedding: 

EZ Equine premium pelletized animal bedding is from 100% biodegradable raw, white, soft pine that is kiln-dried and pure of any additives, binders or chemicals. Our kiln-drying process eliminates all insects, mold and bacteria, to create a pure, and extremely sanitary product.  Each pellet contains less then 5% moisture content, and acts as a mini sponge in your stall, absorbing four times it's weight in liquid.

The pine pellets bond with ammonia to immediately destroy odors naturally by neutralizing on contact, greatly reducing respiratory complaints and pesky insects, creating a nice, fresh-smelling stable.  Screened and aspirated to remove harmful dust particles, this advanced pelletized bedding eliminates respiratory problems in all animals.

Unlike straw or other types of animal bedding, pellets offer dramatic benefits in terms of cleaning and cost.  Instead of cleaning out the full stall, you spend 5min/day spot-cleaning, then add one bag of pellets every 5-7 days.  The  stall wont need to be stripped for several months, dramatically reducing stall-cleaning time and cutting your bedding cost in half.  This method also eliminates waste, as bedding gets composed only once it has been fully soiled, reducing removal volume by 50%.

Once soiled, the composting process starts immediately, and the resulting product is high-quality compost for organic gardening.

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