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Green Supreme Wood Fuel Pellets

Green Supreme Premium Wood Fuel Pellets

High-Quality, Sustainable Wood Pellet Fuel

Our Roots

Originally founded in the Northeast, Green Supreme wood fuel pellets quickly became a household favorite; known for quality and reliability. 

Green Supreme Wood Pellets are a high quality, premium grade pellet fuel made from a blend of hardwood species.  Known for burning slowly and evenly, we welcome you to give them a try and enjoy a whole new level of warmth and efficiency.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our products are manufactured using byproducts obtained from local sawmills.  Saving the sawdust from the landfill is just one aspect that drives our pellet fuel's carbon-neutral cycle.  We dry and press the pellets all-naturally, with no fillers or binders, resulting in the cleanest, driest, most-evenly burning pellet out there, exceeding PFI standards within every realm.


Our Commitment to Sustainable Innovation

Manufactured by PFI-Certified Pellet Manufacturer Lignetics, we hold a strong commitment to manufacturing excellence.  It's important to us that both our product, and the process through which it is made, are as sustainable as possible.  To do this, we must lead the way in innovation, designing and building newer, more advanced and efficient manufacturing machinery, tools and processes.   Forward-thinking, and focused on warmth, you can rely on Green Supreme.


Pellet Fuel Specifications

Green Supreme Specs

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