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Lignetics Premium Wood Fuel Pellets

Premium, Sustainable, All-Natural Wood Products

Our Roots

Lignetics® was founded in 1983 and is one of the leading pioneers of manufacturing premium wood pellets and compressed wood fire logs for home heating. Today we are happy to offer a broad array of products that include wood fuel pellets in bagged and bulk form, fire logs, fire starters of all types, and Flavor-D-Lites BBQ pellets in a variety of flavors.


Premium Quality for Advanced Performance

Our products are made in state of the art facilities throughout the country that utilize up-to-the-minute technology and computer-controlled machines.  Efficiency, maximization of resources, and high-level quality control ensures our products exceed industry-defined standards and keep our customers happy year after year.

Our commitment to creating premium-grade wood products is central to everything we do.  We use pure wood waste from the lumber industry, kiln-dry and process it into clean, green products. Our eco-friendly offering includes premium wood pellets, fire starters for super-efficient heating, and seasoned BBQ pellets that naturally seals in food flavor.  We’re dedicated to making the best performing and most trusted natural wood products in America, and welcome you to experience the Lignetics difference.


Our Commitment to the Environment

Our products are manufactured using byproducts obtained from local sawmills.  Saving the sawdust from the landfill is just one aspect that drives our pellet fuel's carbon-neutral cycle.  We dry and press the pellets all-naturally, with no fillers or binders, resulting in the cleanest, driest, most-evenly burning pellet out there, exceeding PFI standards within every realm.


Pellet Fuel Specifications

Lignetics® Wood Pellet Specifications

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