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Maine's Choice

Maine's Choice Premium Wood Fuel Pellets

High-Quality, Trusted Premium Wood Pellets

Our Roots

Established in 2008, and founded by Ed and Bob Maurais in Strong, Maine; Maine's Choice serves as the most trusted and reliable wood fuel pellet for individuals throughout the state.  

Known for it's solid, clean-burning performance, Maine's Choice wood fuel pellets are created from pure, recycled wood fiber.  Now owned by the Lignetics family of brands, Maine's Choice continues to be manufactured within our Strong facility, and serve customers the quality and performance they have grown accustom to.  With advancements in manufacturing and production efficiencies, our Strong Maine plant leads the way producing 'Super Premium' pellets using pure, recycled wood particles from the lumber industry to create some of the most consistently burning pellets on the market.  These pellets burn with less then .5% ash with a BTU value of 8250 BTU's/pound.


Pellet Fuel Specifications

Maine's Choice Wood Fuel Pellet Specifications

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