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Marth Premium Wood Pellets and Animal Bedding

Fiber In Motion, Since 1958

Our Roots

Founded in the heart of Wisconsin, we began manufacturing pure, all-natural animal bedding from recycled wood waste in 1958.  The benefits to animal health of such high quality bedding may seem obvious in hindsight, but at the time it was a real innovation.  In the decades since, our innovative approach to creating value from wood residuals has led to the development of an expanded variety of animal bedding products - as well as entirely new product categories.

The first of these was producing wood pellets for use as clean burning fuel.  Later, we focused on manufacturing wood flour, and took grilling to a new level with our flavored BBQ Pellets.  As our network of suppliers and customers grew, it led to an expansion into transportation services to serve our growing network of retailers and customers. 


Our Products 

We produce environmentally friendly products made from natural wood fibers.

Animal bedding for your horses, kennels and cages and wood flour that serves as a filler in the construction of automotive interiors, composite deck boards, and desktops in local schools.  Our Fuel Pellets are used to produce household heat and electricity and our BBQ Pellets enhance flavor to everyday meals.


We Make Valuable Materials out of Waste Wood, Minimizing Carbon Footprint for All

By creating and using secondary products made from renewable resources, we help to reduce the carbon footprint of every industry, company, and individual that purchases and uses these products. This effort is building the momentum we need to regenerate and balance the ecosystem we all live within. 


Pellet Fuel Properties

Marth Wood Fuel Pellet Specifications

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