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Wood Flour for Composite Material Manufacturing

Wood flour, created by pulverizing dried wood; is a natural, sustainable alternative to synthetic fillers.   Primarily used as a base ingredient in composite materials to manufacture products such as:

  • Composit Decking
  • Marina Products
  • Automotive Components

    It can also be used in the following products as an all natural filler:
      • Animal Feed 
      • Plastic 
      • Oil and Water Solidification

     Custom Manufactured Wood Flour 

    Leading the way in reusable wood product engineering and development, we have the advanced ability to deliver wood flour that is 100% custom to your needs and specifications.  Our proprietary process and machinery ensures accurate and consistent particle distribution, grade and blend, every time.   

    * Standard Mesh sizes you can blend from are 20-100 mesh, with 100-200 mesh sieve's available.  Bulk densities and ash vary with species blend, and moisture maximum is 6.5%.

    To inquire or place an order, give us a call: 800-544-3834